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EP96 Single reviews Palisades ThornHill Grovestreet Love sick Radio appeal to authority

March 12, 2022

Palisades and their brand new track better off kick off this week’s show.

Better is taken from the bands upcoming album reaching Hypercritical out July 22 2022

Check out the video for Better here


Palisades online


A track packed with big hooks big chorus and plenty of riff and still has plenty of energy to the feel of the track, truly a stunning track one to crank up and scream that chorus out and head bang to the stunning riff.


Go and check this one out.


Next up Blacktoothed and their track Pulse taken from their upcoming album Juli out July 29 2022

Check out the video for Pulse here

Blacktoothed online


I will be honest with you I was not going to review this track from Blacktoothed as initially It did not grip me, but as Pulse went on, I found myself finding the hidden gems of the track from the melodies to the hooks to raw power of the track met with some stunning production.

This one is defiantly a grower and may take a listen or two.



Next up are ThornHill and their track Hollywood taken from their upcoming album heroine out June 3 2022



Check out the video for Hollywood here

Thornhill online


I love Hollywood as I can hear cues from Deftones, it has this atmospheric feel, and with thick bass lines and groves.

A soaring chorus with big soundscapes, this is the perfect track to kick and back and just relax I love it.


Grovestreet Lessons of the past


Check out the video for Lessons of the past here


Grovestreet online



This really is nothing short of brilliant, packed with riffs high octane energy, plenty of grove

Great guitar breakdowns there is not much more to add apart from I love this and I hope you do go and crank this one up and have some fun


Moving over to our next band this week, Love sick Radio and there I need a little which is taken from the bands debut album love language out may 6 2022


Check out the video for I need a little here



A really nice upbeat track with a cool 70/80’s classic rock tones, this will be one for you if you love bands like Blackstone cherry, BlackBerry smoke, AC/DC.


As I’ve already mentioned it’s an upbeat track matched with a great set of vocals, packed with hooks in the chorus, a track to really tap your foot too some nice keys on the track too If you like a bit of piano, Go and check this one out

Love sick Radio online


lastly this week are appeal to authority and their stunning single Black Aura



check out the video for Black Aura here


I really love cues this band take from bands like Tool and I felt like I was picking up a little bit of a system of a down vibe with the start to the track that may just be me.


I love how this track goes from strength to strength there are different layers being added weather that be more guitars or different vocals styles. Black Aura is not afraid to take different twists and turns whilst still delivering a track at 8.09 with plenty of grove some impressive guitar tones. Can’t wait to hear what’s next from these guys


appeal to authority online


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