Setting The Tone

EP 112 Silversun Pickups

September 9, 2022

Episode 112 Silversun Pick ups


This is one episode I am a little nervous to release as I had mistakenly incorrectly named Silversun pickups Latest album and called Butch Vig (Bruce Vig) but I am happy that Brian and Joe seemed to work with me on this and we had a laugh, such fun guys.


Overall, I’m proud and so happy to be brining to you Setting The Tone Silversun pickups special,

episode 112 all I recently sat down with Brian and Joe to talk about Silversun pickups latest album physical thrills the journey of the album, the pandemic and more

I can't thank Ryan and Joe enough for their time who were both amazing to talk to. and of course, to Phoebe for arranging the interview.

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Check out the video for the Scared together


Silversun Pickups Online


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