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EP 94 Single reviews for MALEVOLENCE silverstein CrowBar From Deep Shade SickSense Rain City Drive

February 27, 2022

MALEVOLENCE on broken glass taken from the new album MALICIOUS INTENT



Broken glass comes out the gates swinging.

So much energy to this track straight away riffs and some killer early tones

And then boom the energy intensifies a whole another level.

Packed with Riff and powerful hooks what a way to announce yourself to your new label.


If you like your music fast and heavy this is for you, I’m really not surprised when you have people like Matt Heafy of Trivium singing this bands praises, every word of praise is fully deserved, I cannot wait to see this band take over the British metal scene

Give this one a spin.

Check out the killer video for Broken Glass here

Malevolence online


Next up Silverstein and their new track ULTRAVIOLET



which is take from the upcoming album Misery Made Me 6 May 2022


Another track that carry’s plenty of energy and bounce sees Silverstein releasing their second single from their upcoming album Misery Made Me, I love this plenty of energy as I have said already some great hooks/melodies and tones as well some killer production.  

Really looking forwarded to Misery Made Me as well as hopefully seeing them live at Slamdunk.


Check out the video for ULTRAVIOLET here

silverstein online

Next up this week sees the return of Crowbar to the show and their new single Bleeding From Every Hole which is taken from the bands upcoming album zero and below, on 4th March via MNRK Heavy

Check the video for Bleeding From Every Hole here

This is one for anyone who loves their riffs slugy and with a chug like sound, to be honest it’s a track that despite giving it a couple of listeners I just could not connect, I like the thick opening bass line, and like I say if you’re a fan of slug then I think you will be a fan of the track let me know your thoughts on this one.

Crowbar online:


 Next up DeepShade and their new single Eat My Dust.

Check out the video for Eat My Dust here

DeepShade online

This was one that for me I felt it got stronger as it went on, if you a fan of the late Scott Weiland then I think this one is for you as it soaked in Stone temple pilots and Velvet revolver with hints of grunge.

Some very interesting choice of production here with a trumpet I think it works it’s a bold and an interesting move, I liked this and I want to hear me as it touches on bands I love.

Next up Sicksense and their new single Kings today


Check out the video for Kings Today here

Kings Today opens with an explosion of riffs killer production and some great vocal displays you have screams mixed with some rapping and then some melody which I love, these 3 vocal styles together really work well on the track. Whilst these vocals are ongoing added to the mix is this heavy riff matched to slap you in the face. A really cool and fun track keen so see where this bands goes next

Sicksense online

lastly this week are Rain City Drive and their latest track Dreams

check out the video for Dreams here

Rain City Drive online

Dreams is a track that is so different to what I have already featured this week, it’s a slightly more of poppier sounding track with a lot of production, but yet it offers a really great feel plenty of energy and some killer hooks in the chorus and the guitar tones sound great.


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