Setting The Tone

EP 99 Anchor Lane Tour Special

May 30, 2022

EP 99 Anchor Lane Special


Setting The Tone Presents its Anchor Lane special where recently I had the chance to go and meet the band I. person, the guys very kindly offered me some time whislt on tour to sit down and discuss the tour and how things have been recently as.


Once again a massive thank you to Connor, Graham, Lawrence of Anchor Lane for their time, and of course their PR and management for their support.


If you like the band or even want to see what all the fuss is about well you can head over to the Dogtooth stage on Sunday 12th June 2022 to check out their sit keep on out on Download Festival and as well as both parties socials to get a glimpse of them stage times which will be released in the coming week or so.




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